In this podcast episode, we discuss the latest developments in Secured Overnight Financing Rate (SOFR) markets and drivers for improvements in liquidity in the second half of the year. Thomas Pluta, J.P. Morgan’s global head of linear rates trading, and Chris Palmer, head of J.P. Morgan’s LIBOR transition program, join J.P. Morgan’s Greg Geffen to discuss what to expect as the industry approaches the end of 2021 and the regulatory guidance to cease initiation of new use of USD LIBOR products.

This podcast was recorded on November 16th 2021. 

The views in this podcast do not necessarily reflect the views of JPMorgan Chase and Co or its affiliates. Collectively JP Morgan. This communication is provided for information purposes only. JP Morgan normally makes a market and trades as principal insecurities, other financial products and other asset classes that may be discussed in this for additional disclaimers and regulatory disclosures. For additional disclaimers and regulatory disclosures, please consult:  For further information about benchmark reform and the transition away from LIBOR, please visit

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